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Don’t give up!

Good morning friends,

How are you doing on this fine morning?

Please keep on keeping on! Don’t give up! Most definitely, God is able to see you through. He’s only a prayer away. Seek His guidance in all you do. If you extra help, He will direct you there. But never lose hope. He’s got you. If you haven’t already surrendered your life, do so it would even go better for you. We may go through trials and temptations. But He’s there to hold your hand n take you through it. Just trust Him. Especially, in these trying times.

Here’s the Inspiration

“It’s our human nature to come up with plans, thoughts, and goals for the future. But we need to realize God is the only one who truly knows what’s best for us. When you have plans you would like to make, or actions you need to take about a particular decision, make sure that you go to God first.”

Be encouraged! Enjoy your day on purpose! Blessings!


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