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Feeling Sad?

Good morning family,

If you’re feeling sad, depressed and alone, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Faith Walters is passionate about helping people overcome brokenness, low self-esteem, early childhood trauma, break-ups and other relationship issues and any other issue that may be keeping you from living your best life with confidence.

I'd like to help you turn pain into purpose.

Apostle Faith has been practicing family therapy for over 20 years. She has a Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy from Nyack College, a Bachelors and second Masters Degree in Education from The City College of New York. In addition to this, she is a Certified Chaplain from CICA International located in Queens, New York and an Associate of Science Degree in General Business Administration.

Her experience and education gives her a well-rounded background to understand the needs of her community, the challenges families face and insight into the kinds solutions needed to effectively address their issues.

Dr. Walters empowers her clients through counseling, practical and realistic bible education and her self-development resources which includes presentations, books and music. She has authored two books to date, “Poems About my Self-Esteem” and “Reborn”. She is also the singer-songwriter the song “A Spiritual Erotic Expression of Love”, music promoting healthy sexual experiences to boost your marriage.

She is intent on helping people who experience emotional, mental, physical, sexual, financial, substance, spiritual and or self abuse. Having overcome some of these issues herself. Dr. Walters understands that the choice to seek help can be difficult and so finding the right therapist is key. Come to her and she will help you turn your misery into ministry, just as she did. She practices an ‘open-door’ policy with her clients. That is a client-centered approach, open to anyone with no judgments or boundaries.

To get started, complete the form below a free consultation.

Enjoy your day on purpose!


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