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Hope is always present!

Good morning family,

How in the world are you doing on this fine morning, afternoon, or evening, based on where you are right now. Yet keeping hope alive.

Remember where there is life, hope is always present.

When you surrender it all to Jesus by giving Him the reins of your life, then He got this. All we got to do is flow, be obedient to His word and keep it moving baby.

Noah’s message is a reminder that doing things God’s way is best. He was mightily rewarded for his obedience.

You see man fell as a result of being disobedient. Noah understood the consequences of that. So he decided to do the opposite. Rightly so, he, his family, and the many species of animals were saved to begin the process of replenishing the earth. We as children of God should allow God to lead us. We will be blessed beyond measure. At the same time, according to Psalm 37:4, “we delight ourselves in Him, He gives us our heart’s desire.

Please have a wonderful day on purpose!

Do something for someone beyond your comfort zone.

Shalom & Blessings!

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