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Keep standing!

Good morning WAMOE Family, how are you doing on this fine morning? Despite all what’s happening around us, you still keeping hope alive? Are you still trusting in Jesus our Lord. Is your faith getting stronger daily? Are you still trusting our Triune God to keep you in His perfect peace?

Have you noticed how the powers that be in our society is trying to control our very existence? It appears to leaving us with not much room to turn around. With this pandemic, which is being utilized to create panic and mayhem among us even some believers.

But we who have that relationship with the Lord MUST keep standing.

We must NOT allow the enemy and his imps to place fear in us that we take our eyes off the Lord. Nay! Nay! Honey child all we CAN depend on is THE LORD! Child if you allow fear to cripple you then faith has to leave, they both CAN’T work together.

Faith can’t work in doubt. Honey child no life there. Read, pray and believe the word, and please continue to place your hope in Jesus Christ. Just be enlightened in this word today and the inspiration that follows it.

“Many people that I know claim that they do not believe in God because there has never been a clear sign from Him that He exists. He has never spoken to them or touched them, so they do not believe. Look around you, is this all not a sign enough? Believers know that we are surrounded by the Holy Spirit and it binds us all together. Without the understanding of the spirit, it is impossible to believe.”

Enjoy your day on purpose!


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