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Merry Christmas!

Good morning family,

How are you doing on this faithful morning? Oh my, what a special day this is. A great symbolism is THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST! Wooooow! Indeed a Woooow! Again!

I’m so excited, hope you are feeling the same as well.

I’m sorry that many have lost loved ones, some are ill with this virus, others so many things are happening which we have no control over it. Despite all that is happening in our times, know that His birth represents the antidote to get through and to get to that place of peace.

Yes, we may experience challenges in this life. But knowing our Savior is born, gives us reassurance that life is worth living, just because our Savior is born and He lives within our hearts. So anyone, if you don’t have the Lord, has your Savior and friend today: make today be the day you say YES to His will, YES to His way! Alleluia! His arms are waiting to welcome you in.

The angels in heaven are rejoicing will you make that commitment to serve Him in spirit and truth. God bless you today, along with your family and friends as you fellowship one with another. I decree n declare no form of coronavirus seen and unseen will ever come to your house n that of your loved ones. Declare it today!

You are the power of your words. Love you! Merry Christmas.

Enjoy this beautiful day and while you are at it smile and brighten someone else’s day.


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