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No Divisions

Good morning WAMOE, how are you on this very bright thanksgiving day? After that wonderful verdict on yesterday about the late Mr. Arbury’s case, it’s indeed a blessing! It’s a great feeling to know that when we earnestly pray, God comes through at the right time.

His timing is best!

So we can all rest assured that He’s listening. We will NEVER stop praying for our society, the laws, our government, the courts, judges etc. Most importantly, the systemic racism that’s been rampant in our society as well.

So this Bible verse is a reminder how we are to be as one in Christ. We’re our brothers keeper. Continue to stay blest and enjoy this lovingly day as well, this time some with family & friends, others are missing a loved one at the table, but don’t be discouraged, their memory are in our hearts.

Despite our challenges, we continue to give the Lord thanks for good health, strength & the vitality of life. Again, enjoy your day! Shalom & Blessings!

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