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Please stop calling his name!

Good morning family,

How in the world are you doing today on this bright, sunny, cold, hot, breezy morning, afternoon, or evening. So wherever you are worldwide, greetings.

This word is powerful, it speaks volumes to my soul, body, mind, and spirit.

I utilize it quite often. Especially now in our times, get up daily and speak this word over your whole body, your mind, and your spirit. Stop allowing old slew foot who is the enemy of our soul to defeat you. Please stop calling his name. You noticed I didn’t use it. I was taught by a prolific teacher, Apostle, Pastor, Prophet R.L. Jackson that when we keep saying his name, he gets a kick out of it. I’ll put it once to prove my point (devil spelled backward is lived). Therefore, you don’t need to keep making references to him.

You have the power to change your situation according to this word of God and others that you can and will utilize to change and provide healing in your body n that of your loved ones. You know the enemy has his job to do and you have one to do as well. Remember he’s under your feet. You are the victorious one in Jesus Christ.

As a result, saints please stop speaking defeat in your life. Whatever you desire from the Lord, decree and declare it thru His word. Stop the negative talk, stop hanging around people who speak like that as well, when someone asks you how you doing, say

I’m doing wonderful even when pain is hitting your body, we are the power of our words.

Also, many of us have great gifting and we’ve been stuck for years under our mama or daddy religious ideologies. We need to free our minds from it. Allow God to heal your mind of fear and step out in faith. Stop holding back, cause what you’re doing is making your blessings stagnant. Let today be one, that you break out and away from what’s keeping your mind hostage from working the plan and purpose of God for your life.

It’s a new year, a new day, new dawn. Well, I’m done for today! Know I you and Jesus you more. Have a fantastic day, evening, night.


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