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Good morning family,

How in the world are you doing on this fine morning, afternoon, or evening. Indeed, this is a glorious day, we are alive.

We may be experiencing some discomfort in some way, shape or form, but the main thing is we’re alive.

My condolences to many who have experienced loss, may you be comforted during this time and beyond.

Despite the challenges we’re facing in life, the word of God says don’t be worried about the things of today or tomorrow, He’s got it ALL worked out.

Every day has its own troubles, so why do you get worked up, sending your blood pressure up, worrying about it whatever it is. We believe in God, stand in faith, stay focused, it will get better over time. So here’s what you do, 'put a praise on it', smile, dance, clap your hands, put your hands up in the air and act like you don’t care, and stomp your feet. You’ve got the rhythm baby.

Make up a song that only you know the tune and the words to and if you can write it down. Just rejoice in the Lord always. Again, rejoice!


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