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The time is NOW!

Good morning WAMOE Family, how are you doing on this fine morning? You still holding on to Jesus our Lord? I hope so!

Because in these trying times with all its ups and downs, twist and turns, unsure sometimes where all of it is going, scratching your head saying when will this crisis end? When will we have some peace? But when we look it changes once again. It can cause a lot of mental stress. But we who remain in Christ know that the signs of the times was already predestined in scripture so there is no need to be alarmed or allow fear to seep into your psyche.

We know what time it is.

Be encouraged in this word today and the inspiration that follows. We have so much to gain once we keep holding on to Jesus. We must flow in the word of God, help our fellow man. Build a legacy for your children and their generations to come. Don’t just be here and don’t leave a positive mark for others to pattern.

Another thing, get a life insurance policy and stop burdening your family with the cost of burying you that they have to be begging people and using a go fund me app. It’s called being responsible, which is part of the faith walk. Also, our young adult children (if it never began at birth with a Gerber policy for $1.00, not sure how much now) should have a policy it’s cheaper while you're young. If they have jobs, you should invest in one. When you do the policy you have an option for term or whole life; this later accumulates a cash value which you can borrow from if you have an emergency. But make sure you pay back the loan in small payments or it can cause some issues with your policy down the road. I don’t know why I’m mentioning it at this time, but it needed to be said.

Because too many people are dying and some of the young are dying suddenly as well and there's no money for funeral expenses. I know many may not desire to think about dying but it’s a part of life as well. So while we're working, put these things in place. Because when you stop working it can be very expensive and you get a limited amount. Some of you have preexisting challenges that will add to the amount as well. Shop around please read the policy don’t just sign a piece of paper, ask questions before signing. If you desire some good ones please inbox me.

Also, if you don’t have a Financial Advisor please get one. I can help you there as well. I tell you mine helped me in just a short time and I’m good after retirement. Also, introduced him to a bunch of friends and some asked why didn’t I meet him before? But it’s never too late to set up a financial portfolio. You can inbox me for him as well. It will change your life. Let me stop here.

The inspiration:

“The fullness of God came to earth in Jesus Christ, which is an amazing feature in itself. But through Christ, even we can inherit God's treasure. As we strive to be like Christ in our daily lives, we actually do become like Christ in a very real sense. Just as Jesus is the Son of God, we too become His children, born of Him.”
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