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Two Decades Of Community Outreach Continues In 2022

Oh wow, today it was quite a very cold one. Despite that, I braved it and distributed the food packages for our WAMOE Ministries Community Drive at 34-56 East 3rd Street, Mount Vernon, New York.

Apostle Dr. Faith Walters preparing packages for New Years Outreach Drive

While there, I prayed that the people will come quickly so I can get out of the cold. It so happen my prayer was answered, because in about 12 minutes it was complete. Of course, I do travel to other sides of MTV. But I would only do this because of Christ. At the same time, use wisdom in working quickly and move on. Yes, as usual, the people were receptive.

Some didn’t mind being on the video to be uploaded to our website. Please continue to pray for our ministry as we flow in the plan & purpose of God. Also, if you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel @wamoeministries we would certainly appreciate it.

Enjoy your evening.


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