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You are NOT forgotten!

Good morning WAMOE Family, how are you doing this morning? Are you still holding on and keeping hope alive? Dr. Faith has a word for you!

Despite our challenging times filled with uncertainties don’t you lose hope, don’t you worry about nothing, don’t you give in to the pressures all around you. Child have some faith,

Matthew 17:20 “even like the mustard seed.”

I tell you child of God once you have JESUS there is absolutely nothing to concern yourself about.

Psalm 121 “Look to the hills from whence cometh your help!”

Yes sah! Our Triune God has got it going on. I dear you to believe! Show some courage, show some strength, put your shoulders straight and strut yourself honey. Our God is mighty and strong. He can do ANYTHING but fail. I brag about Him. He’s my all in all. Sugar and honey, whip cream and butter, hey, hey, always amazing and wonderful.

“He’s a guarantee, you will NEVER go wrong when you place your trust and confidence in Him. Cuz honey child, He may not come when you want Him, but when He does, certainly shows up on time. Child I can go on and on about Him! Let me stop here and shout HALLELUJAH! GLORY! PUTTING A DANCE ON IT! HOLLA!“


Enjoy your day on purpose!


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