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Hold on to Jesus He’s got you!

Good morning friends,

How are you doing on this fine morning? Are you still keeping hope alive? Don’t you give up! Hold on to Jesus He’s got you. Alleluia!

We give Him glory, honor n praise today for ALL that He has done. Well, I just stop by to share an encouraging n inspirational word for the day. Here goes...

”Sometimes it is just plain hard being nice all the time. Sure, it’s easy when people are nice back. But when you face opposition day after day, sometimes you just want to give up. Ask any customer service representative how easy it is to be nice to people who only want to complain. The customer may always be right, but they aren’t always nice. Yet a customer service rep must maintain a pleasant attitude--even in the face of an angry, cursing customer. That can’t be easy. In this passage, Paul encourages the Galatians, who were a group of fickle people, not to give up the practice of doing good. He knew that it was a weary business, but he ensures them that it will eventually be worth it when they "reap" the benefits. He knew that, eventually, well does triumph over evil and that God’s people are always rewarded for their faithfulness.”

Enjoy your day on purpose you hear. Know that Jesus you and I do too. Shalom!


You are invited to come and worship with us.

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