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This book is dedicated to all married couples who desire to enhance their sexual desires.


This book was inspired by DR. DOUGLAS E. ROSENAU’S novel  “A CELEBRATION OF SEX”  specifically page 81- Scenario #3 & Excerpts  from Chapter 9:


“Be creative & compile a composite of your fantasies, but don’t create just one big  scene. Pull your lovemaking apart and make different scenarios. Laugh and let your imagination get on a roll. Increase your repository of sexual information and ability to fantasize new and  different situations.” 


This book was further inspired by the Holy Spirit utilizing my vivid imaginations and  utilizing Biblical writings of The Songs of Solomon. It is designed to enhance the marital  relationship. It is NOT to encourage pre-marital sexual acts or relations (fornication) which  includes oral, finger, anal or sexual intercourse. According to (NIV) Galatians 5:19-21.


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