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Time for a change

Good morning WAMOE Family, how are you doing on this fine morning? You yet holding onto Jesus Christ and still keeping hope alive. Just bringing a word of enlightenment on this morning which opened my eyes to a greater awareness of what’s happening in our society today.

I’m excited to say that once again the scriptures bring meaning to a lot of our dilemmas, circumstances or situations. I tell you one can ALWAYS find some relevance to anything. It’s the reason that I don’t understand that many people don’t believe it. Now the inspiration to this verse is quite interesting. It’s quite lengthy, but reading it to the end can bring some clarity.

“There have been a number of salacious scandals in Hollywood recently where men in positions of power have abused it, forcing women to sleep with them. This subject has sparked the #metoo movement, with women around the world joining together to share their stories of sexual abuse. It has shed light on a great tragedy of global society: women are often the targets of sexual abuse and rape and their voices have been ignored and they have had difficulty protecting themselves."

The question arises: what is the best way to protect women and eliminate sexual abuse? This question has been pondered for thousands of years. Let us turn to the scripture. In these verses, (Genesis 34:1-31) Jacob’s daughter, Dinah, is raped by Shechem. In the time that this was written and even today in some countries, a woman that is raped shoulders a large part of the blame.

"I am a man and have a wife, daughter, and sister, and it is hard to know how I would react if any of them were victims of similar abuse. I honestly do not know how I would react, but an evil action like this often generates an evil repercussion."

In these verses, the sons of Jacob fool Hamor and his sons, including Shechem, into getting circumcised so that they will be allowed to marry Jacob’s daughters. Again, as a man, I can imagine how uncomfortable an adult circumcision would feel, and Jacob’s sons use this opportunity to kill all of the men in Hamor’s camp to avenge their sister’s defilement.

The evil that Shechem sparks by defiling Dinah only begets more evil. As Christians, we are told to turn the other cheek to an enemy that strikes us, but how can we protect ourselves? In my opinion, the #metoo movement is a good example of a positive and constructive attempt to reduce or eliminate sexual abuse.

Unlike the sons of Jacob, we should not just consider our case; we must consider all cases. By working together and shedding new light on the situation, we can fight evil with good. Light will shine in the darkness, and the darkness will not overtake it. (John 1:5)”
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