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A 21st Century Worldwide Ministry

Apostle Dr. Faith Walters, Th.D, Psalmist, Presiding Pastor, Author & Podcaster.

Welcome to Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries

This 21st-century worldwide ministry is a church without walls and boundaries. Our ministry is open to everyone who is seeking biblical education, spiritual leadership, and an online support community that is faith-based, safe, and God-centered. Join our church family and benefit from our empowerment programs and community outreach. 

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Community Outreach & Empowerment Programs

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Books, Music & More

Dr. Faith A. Walters is passionate about personal development and helping you achieve your self-development goals. As a published author and singer-songwriter, she writes to transform lives through self-love and serving God.

The Excel Project

“The Excel Project” is a Vocational Training Center helping students achieve skills training certification through online courses and on-the-job training. It offers basic life-building skills for marginalized youth, ex-convicts, and senior citizens.

eChurch Network

Through the church's digital media outreach program, Dr. Walters offers like-minded Pastors, Evangelists, and Ministers an opportunity to partner with her to build an online community to transform lives through bible education and community outreach.

  • **Individual, family, pre-marital & couples, group sessions**

    45 min

    110 US dollars

Books & Other Resources

Events & Updates

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