A 21st Century Worldwide Ministry

Apostle Dr. Faith Walters, Th.D, Psalmist, Presiding Pastor, Author & Podcaster.

Welcome to Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries

This 21st-century worldwide ministry is a church without walls and boundaries. Our ministry is open to everyone who is seeking biblical education, spiritual leadership, and an online support community that is faith-based, safe, and God-centered. Join our church family and benefit from our empowerment programs and community outreach. 


Community Outreach & Empowerment Programs

Sign up today to join the Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries Network, Membership, or online church community. If you are a member of the Mount Vernon youth, elderly or ex-convict community, sign up for one of our empowerment programs.


New Book Alert

"A personal story about my journey from a place of despair to fulfilling God's purpose in my life." Apostle Dr. Faith Walters share's her personal breakthroughs and how she turned her misery into ministry.

The Excel Project

“The Excel Project” is a Vocational Training Center that will offer a variety of basic life-building skills for at-risk youth ages 16-24. Please complete the survey to help us meet the needs of Mount Vernon's youth community.

Media Network

In collaboration with UMERADIO, Women & Men of Excellence Outreach Ministries messages will broadcast in over 116 countries on the radio station UMERADIO, WUME-DB, NY, Sundays at 5 p.m. 

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